18 Intentional Congruence

This show we are all about focusing your life on the few things that matter through Intentional congruence. How can you target all of your activities into as few streams as possible so they all support one another? That is the question.

But it can be used in many areas of your life as long as you are working to make different parts of your life work

Have you ever felt disconnected from everything?  Like you are different people in different areas of your life?  That may be because you are not practicing intentional congruence.  IC is the practice of focusing on your efforts on the important things in your life. The idea that everything you do should connect with everything else you do, whenever possible.

This concept has been explored a lot of places like Never Eat Alone.  You have to eat and you want to network do them together.  Combine those activities whenever and where ever you can.

“Hell Yes or NO” is a concept made famous by Derek Sivers and then promoted by everyone under the sun.  It works really well if you want to live a life of intentional congruence.  A lot of opportunities will come your way but do they give you the “Hell yea!” feeling or is it congruent with your passions and goals.

If you are looking for a promotion at work and a piece of work comes up as an opportunity you can take if you are passionate about it, but if not the question is “Does it get me toward my goal of being promoted” some work will and some won’t.

This particular episode is about finding ways to bring all those interests and roles into congruence. What does that mean? It means simplifying and combining so that you get the most of your actions.

For example, I am going to do show topics that are part of the certifications I am getting as a speaker and trainer. It gives me practice and helps me to absorb the information. Then I do a quick write up like this one and I have suddenly coordinated several tasks with one topic. Coach Michael Burt puts it this way for business.

I want to find more speaking opportunities so I am gearing this site and my podcast toward that side of my business.  I want all the things I’m doing to overlap in some way so I’m not working against myself and my goals.

Are there things in your life that don’t overlap with other areas?  Maybe it is time to stop doing them, maybe not.  Only you know if that is the case but if you never take time to examine your life and never take opportunities to become intentional you will never know.

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