17 Perry Maughmer – Relentless Leadership

Episode 16 Perry Maughmer Relentless Leadership

Perry’s Bio:

I hate few things but two of them are writing in the 3rd person and talking about myself.  I think both sound pretentious.  I am not saying it is pretentious, it just seems like it to me. That said, I imagine others do want to know who they are listening to and why they should care.

I have 25 years of experience in leadership roles in organizations ranging from $1M to $8B.  During this time, I have made every mistake a leader could possibly make and none of them killed me…or anyone else.  I did learn a great deal and that is the foundation for what I do now.

I am focused on reinvigorating the souls of relentless leaders because great work is never finished.  I work best with malcontents and contrarians who strive to overcome their own bullshit in order to achieve meaningful goals.

Article on the Leadership Crisis from Perry

Deliberate Practice What it is and isn’t

Perry’s answer to my closing question caught me off guard like no one else ever has.  Stay tuned to the end to hear it.

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