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In an era of texts and phone interaction, we can always use some better conversations in life. Can I be honest? I hate small talk. I would rather jump right into a political or philosophical debate. But, that can really get me into more trouble than it is worth.

In the past, I was a horrible conversationalist and worked really hard to have better conversations in my life. And now I find myself helping others to do the same thing.

Here is a chart from Lifehacker on how to use an economic model for better conversations, the goal is to have a balanced ledger. If you are making too many deposits you will be drained and if you are making too many withdrawals your conversational partner will be and you will be in the red.

Better conversations are possible by balancing your account.
From https://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/14-tricks-better-conversations.html

The good news is, with a little intention and practice we can all be better at building connections and making friends. It is what we were designed to do but, things in our lives tend to get in the way and we have developed some bad habits or never developed the good ones, to begin with.

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