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Jason FisherJason Fisher – Speaking is Leading

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Speaking is leading and I want to help you find your voice. I have been on stage since I was in elementary school. I am an award-winning BS artist and host of an award-nominated podcast.  You can check out everything I do by following the links above or just listening to this show.  I wanted you to know a little bit about me and well honestly my schedule has been crazy and I failed to get guests lined up properly.  Maybe I should take a summer break like our other show, Reading Radio.

Anyway this month I take you through some things about me and walk you through an abbreviated course I have taught many times to teach the fundamentals of public speaking.  I really do believe it is a great way to set yourself apart and present yourself as a leader in your field or organization. It isn’t as scary as you think, especially when you realize the secret I’ll tell you is true…

Tom Henschel’s: Sorting and labeling

Here is the deck I use for this type of presentation

An article I wrote on why you should Familiarize don’t Memorize

As always if you want help to get over your fear and help you to improve…Toastmasters.org

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