10: Jason “Slim” Blackhurst – Servant Leader

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Jason Slim Blackhurst Servant LeaderJason Blackhurst is a husband of one, father of two and fairly technical. On twitter and in real life, he is @AlsoKnownAsSlim. He has been developing software now for over 15 years, and leading teams for more than 7. As a servant leader, Slim has developed a passion for empowering teams and working with data, empathy, and safety.

Jason and I talk about his role as a servant leader and what that phrase means to him.  We talk about the study of making better working environments based on the work of Google and Project Aristotle.

A Servant Leader can make the difference in teams and whether they succeed or fail in their jobs. Jason walks us through how that can be along with other ways to lead if you are, or want to be, a leader in your organization.

Other Sources:
Project Aristotle
Margaret Heffernan – Super Chickens
Amy Edmonson – Psychological Safety at Work


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