Ego Kills Talent

Ego Kills Talent

Ego Kills Talent
Related to the principle of the fool and the master, perhaps the secret behind it is the secret that ego kills talent.  I ran with a lot of very talented athletes in school.  The problem with many of them was their talent only got them so far and their ego prevented them from working hard to improve their skills. We will kill our own talent to protect our pride.  We won’t ask for help and therefore won’t humble ourselves to learn

Learning takes Humility

It takes humility to learn from someone,  At the end of the day, you have to say “You know more than I do” in order to learn from someone.  It doesn’t matter how much talent you have; you aren’t the greatest in the world by pure talent.  It takes work to get better.  It takes coaches, feedback, mentors, and teachers.  Submitting to all of these takes humility and your ego will kill your talent and your opportunity.

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