23 – Prolific over Perfect

It's better to be prolific than perfect

This month’s guest Ben Hardy did it again. He blew my mind with a segment of his article These 17 Pictures Will Teach You More Than Reading 100 Books. The concept that in certain areas, particularly mine, it is better to be prolific over perfect. Apparently, this a quote from Joe Polish.

The fool proceeds the master

For creators or anyone with a dream, we are often scared to walk through what Peterson would call the fool stage because the fool always precedes the master. We want what we produce to be of the highest quality possible but we aren’t quite capable of creating it yet. We want to be, we have the taste to determine that what we are creating isn’t quite what we want it to be and so we don’t actually publish or call it done or anything productive.

But as we create we learn, we grow and we get better. Doing the thing you do more and more you will learn things you won’t learn by perfecting something. If you are a writer then write, if you are a creator then create. Don’t let those muscles atrophy get out there and make something happen. If you, like me, are afraid to put out an imperfect product, just do it make yourself be prolific over perfect.

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