Grit or Quit: Choosing Ambitious Goals over an Easier Path

Harnessing Insights for Personal Growth: A Reflection on “Be Better Tomorrow”

In the latest episode of “Be Better Tomorrow,” Jason Fisher invites us on a reflective journey aimed not just at personal development but forging a path that aligns with our most profound ambitions. Jason, a seasoned coach and mentor, delves into the essence of setting ambitious goals and the trials that often lead us astray. His narrative isn’t just a monologue; it’s a beacon for anyone feeling adrift in their professional and personal lives, seeking to anchor their endeavors in purposeful action.

The Quandary of Lesser Goals

One of the episode’s core themes revolves around the seduction of lesser goals—a concept Jason illuminates with both professional insight and personal anecdotes. He argues that the most significant deterrent to achieving our primary goals isn’t the obstacles we encounter but the temptation of easier, less fulfilling objectives. Jason’s exploration of this idea isn’t abstract; it’s grounded in his experiences and those of his listeners, making the discussion relatable and impactful.

This notion resonates deeply in today’s fast-paced world, where distractions abound, and the allure of quick wins often overshadows the pursuit of meaningful achievements. Jason doesn’t just identify the problem; he offers a lens through which we can examine our paths, urging us to question whether we’re truly committed to our paramount goals or inadvertently drifting toward less challenging pursuits.

The Delicate Balance Between Persistence and Adaptation

Another intriguing aspect of the episode is Jason’s engagement with the concept of quitting—when it’s a strategic retreat and when it’s a surrender. Drawing from Annie Duke’s “Quit,” Jason broadens our understanding of decision-making, challenging the stigma associated with quitting and urging us to differentiate between stubbornness and perseverance. It’s a refreshing take that encourages listeners to critically assess their commitments, asking whether they serve our ultimate objectives or tether us to unproductive endeavors.

Jason’s reflections extend beyond personal development, touching on organizational dynamics and the efficiency of efforts. By invoking the Pareto principle, he prompts a deeper consideration of where we channel our energy, both as individuals and within collectives, advocating for a more intentional and value-driven approach to our actions.

Practical Wisdom and Personal Connection

What sets “Be Better Tomorrow” apart is Jason’s genuine engagement with his audience. His open invitation for listeners to connect, share their stories, and seek coaching underscores the podcast’s ethos—to create a community of growth and mutual support. Jason’s willingness to address listener queries and feedback in upcoming episodes fosters a sense of belonging and shared pursuit among his audience.


Jason Fisher’s “Be Better Tomorrow” transcends the traditional boundaries of a self-help podcast. It’s a platform for introspection, learning, and community-building. By dissecting the intricate dance between pursuing ambitious goals and the risk of settling for less, Jason illuminates a path toward meaningful self-improvement. As we navigate the complexities of our aspirations, “Be Better Tomorrow” emerges not just as a source of inspiration but as a guide for those eager to delve deeper into the essence of personal and professional fulfillment.

Listeners, new and old, are encouraged to join the conversation—a journey of self-discovery and collective growth awaits.

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