Achieving Your Goals: Overcoming Setbacks and Building a Better Identity – S2E1

Achieving your Goals requires intention

The Be Better Tomorrow podcast is a relaunched show hosted by Jason Fisher, who took a break due to personal struggles and the effects of the pandemic. Now, he is back with a mission to help listeners be better professionally and personally. In each episode, Jason discusses setting and achieving goals, the power of positive self-talk, and ways to become your future self now. He also offers one-on-one coaching and a digital checklist to help listeners stay on track with their goals. Whether you’re looking for motivation or practical tips, the Be Better Tomorrow podcast has something to help you improve and be better tomorrow.

Outline of the “Be Better Tomorrow” Podcast Episode:

  1. Introduction:
    • Relaunch of the podcast after a hiatus.
    • Host’s experience with depression and recovery.
    • Focus on personal and professional improvement
  2. New Year’s Resolutions and Goals:
    • Discussion of the fresh start phenomenon.
    • The low success rate of New Year’s resolutions.
    • Importance of setting realistic and detailed goals.
  3. Adjusting Goals and Building Identity:
    • The challenge of overambitious goals.
    • Importance of smaller, consistent goals.
    • The role of identity in achieving goals.
    • Strategies for positive self-talk and self-identity improvement.
  4. Future Self Concept:
    • Dr. Ben Hardy’s concept of the future self.
    • Making decisions that benefit the future self.
    • The importance of envisioning a larger future.
  5. Offers and Resources:
  6. Conclusion:
    • Encouragement to share the podcast.
    • Licensing and credit information.

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