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Mike Rudd is our guest today.  He is a passionate marketing strategist focusing on helping businesses implement people and purpose as the forefront of their marketing strategies. He’s also a 3 time author, professional speaker, hiker, yogi, and avid volunteer. The full bio smash can be found at Marketingfunwithmike.com.

Marketing Notes:

  1. Good Clean Website
  2. Email Newsletter sign-up – you own that list and social media can’t take it from you.
  3. Make sure your email marketing is AMAZING!
  4. Facebook and Instagram are very cost effective ads
  5. Join Toastmasters
  6. Volunteer somewhere


Social Stuff:

Mike RuddTwitter: None (good story behind this though!)
FB: /MarketingFunWithMike
Instagram: @MarketingFunWithMike

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