Building Better Habits Requires Intention

Building Better Habits requires intention, This is the image of a blueprint.

Making a shift toward building better habits can feel like entering unfamiliar territory. It’s normal to be thrown off initially and to encounter a sense of awkwardness. However, dealing with a fundamental aspect before diving into change is essential – addressing the artificiality that often accompanies intentional behavioral adjustments.

Let’s break it down with a practical example. Say you want to improve how you express affection to a loved one, like your spouse. Admitting that your usual routine isn’t cutting it prompts the decision to add deliberate acts of kindness. You set up calendar reminders – a straightforward but seemingly impersonal approach. It might make you question yourself – relying on digital prompts for love? The reality: it’s a common approach. Many of us find comfort in routines, often leading us to live on autopilot rather than with intention.

Using reminders can initially feel mechanical, creating a sense of detachment from the authenticity of your desired sentiment. It might even trigger a bit of guilt – the thought that such gestures should happen naturally, without digital nudges. But here’s the catch – see these reminders as temporary tools, like training wheels on a bike. They provide stability until you find your balance. The deliberate, albeit seemingly artificial, acts gradually become part of your routine, blurring the lines between imposed and intrinsic.

As time passes, the need for reminders decreases. The artificial becomes the new natural, seamlessly integrated into your life’s rhythm. What felt contrived initially transforms into an authentic expression of your desired self. This is the process of building better habits. The calendar reminders, once seen as cold, played a crucial role in fostering a new cadence, making room for heartfelt gestures.

Changing ingrained patterns isn’t about age; it’s about the deep-rooted nature of existing habits. The autopilot settings of our lives are the patterns we don’t consciously think about. Attempting to alter this course demands extra effort to steer away from the familiar and embrace the unfamiliar.

Changing habits isn’t an overnight task. It requires patience, understanding, and the acknowledgment that creating new habits is a journey, not a sprint. If there’s an aspect of your life that resists change, a pattern that seems hard to transform, and the idea of navigating this unfamiliar territory feels daunting, I’m here to help. Change is rarely a solo journey, and seeking support can illuminate the path ahead. Reach out, share your story, and let’s navigate this journey together toward the life you envision.

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